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Home Based Brain Stimulation is Effective in Improving Attention in Adults with ADHD.

A recently published paper demonstrated that home-based brain stimulation is effective in improving attention in adults with ADHD. In this randomized clinical trial, daily treatment with a home-based tDCS device over 4 weeks improved attention in adult patients with ADHD who were not taking stimulant medication. We asked Dr Randy Beck, an expert in non-invasive […]

Brain Stimulation can Improve Short-term and Long-term Memory

A recently published study on 150 adults aged 65-88 years found that transcranial electrical current-based stimulation for 20 minutes over 4 consecutive days had a lasting positive effect on memory. The patients who received this therapy experienced an improvement in both short and long-term memory for at least 1 month in 85-90% of older adults. […]