Had COVID? Part of the Virus May Stick Around in Your Brain

If you or someone you know is experiencing “brain fog” after COVID-19, we may now have a possible explanation — and it might not bring much comfort.

Researchers in Germany found that part of the virus, the spike protein, remains in the brain long after the virus clears out.

The researchers found that about 15% of COVID patients continue to have long-term effects of the infection despite their recovery from symptoms and a negative test for COVID. Even people who had mild COVID illness can develop brain fog much later after their symptoms have cleared.

Reported neurological problems include brain fog, brain tissue loss, a decline in thinking abilities, and problems with memory.

They also found COVID can change how proteins act in and around the brain. Some of these proteins are linked to Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, but have never been linked to the virus before now.

Designing treatment strategies for these neurological symptoms requires an in-depth knowledge of molecules dysregulated by the virus in the brain tissues, and how these dysregulated molecules affect the neurophysiology of the brain.

The non-invasive brain stimulation techniques developed by the Institute of Functional Neuroscience have shown very positive results in re-establishing normal brain activity in patients following COVID-19 infection.

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